Beautiful Beaufort Alliance

Beautiful Beaufort Alliance is a citizens movement composed of Beaufort residents and visitors sponsored by The Beaufort Tribune that is dedicated to preserving and honoring the uniqueness of Beaufort, South Carolina, one of the few remaining towns along the Atlantic coast that has not been destroyed by rampant development. Our goals are stated below and are almost verbatim the same as those stated in Beaufort’s City Code. If you are a resident or a visitor who shares these goals, you are automatically a member of Beautiful Beaufort Alliance. We solicit your help to achieve our goals:

A)   Protect and enhance downtown Beaufort’s unique aesthetic character.

B)    Support high quality architecture, buildings, structures, streets and public spaces.

C)    Ensure infill buildings, structures, and architecture blend harmoniously in mass, scale, and absolute size as well as in aesthetic character with surrounding buildings, neighborhoods, and downtown Beaufort.

D)   Carefully preserve the character of Beaufort’s National Historic Landmark District while allowing for smart growth.

E)    In so doing, safeguard property values and help build long-term economic value for property owners, merchants, and residents alike.

The key issues that Beautiful Beaufort Alliance is currently pursuing are:

A) Downtown infill projects to make sure the City of Beaufort abides by and is held accountable to its own City Code.

B) Ensuring that the City Code is updated to include an updated Milner report and a refreshed contributing and non-contributing structure list along with working to change some of the City Code to a) ensure that massive buildings cannot be approved; b) put time limits on demolition permits; c) reduce the number of times permits and approvals can be renewed by staff before having to go back for a reassessment; d) require that all demolitions in the historic district be contingent on the replacement building being approved by the City’s Historic Design Review Board (HRB).

C) Lady’s Island mainline road project to ensure that even more through traffic is not dumped across the Woods Memorial Bridge onto Carteret and Bay Streets downtown.

D) Get power lines buried to thwart forever Dominion Energy’s massive and brutal tree cutting throughout the historic district.

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