A letter to our Readers

Dear Faithful Readers of The Beaufort Tribune,

Because of Covid it has been several years since we have published articles in The Beaufort Tribune. However, recent developments demand that events not reported in other local media outlets, or deliberately withheld, be brought to the light of day now. It is in this spirit, which is expressed in the Credo of this newspaper, that we bring to you the following, the first of what will be a number of concerning and perhaps shocking revelations:

Stephen Murray has resigned as mayor immediately after allegedly threatening the executive director of Historic Beaufort Foundation and then early this morning calling another concerned citizen—someone unrelated to this newspaper—an “asshole” and an “entitled jerk”, see this article.

That is what he emailed to a concerned constituant early this morning at the same time he posted his resignation on Facebook. Yes, that’s what has been going on in the background. Behind his flowery words in his Facebook post, our mayor has lost self control and has revealed what he actually thinks about anyone who deigns to express an opinion contrary to his own. He calls them “rednecks”, “entitled jerks”, and “assholes”.

This is the level to which he and some of his supporters have stooped. No longer is rational discussion acceptable to them. Personal attack, regardless of the merits of the argument against them, is their order of the day.

We will be publishing more articles soon.

George Graham Trask

Editor/Publisher, The Beaufort Tribune