Downtown homeowner: Why isn’t City enforcing zoning code for “big box” buildings downtown?

Dear members of Beaufort’s HDRB [Historic District Review Board],

My name is Westley Byrne.  I’m a downtown homeowner, and I’m writing to express my deep concern regarding the hotel, parking garage, and apartment complex that comprise the subject of a lawsuit filed today [Monday, April 5].

I’ve reviewed the Beaufort Code, Preservation Manual, and HDRB and ZBOA [Zoning Board of Appeals] meeting minutes going back several years.  I have to agree with the plaintiffs in the lawsuit that there are code and manual violations that must be addressed before any further actions can be taken.

Please assure all of us who love Beaufort that these projects will not proceed until/unless the applications required have been submitted and approved.  To begin with, in order to move forward with any of the proposed plans, the developer must first apply for and receive a special exception from the ZBOA for each of the 3 projects due to frontage width.  In essence, that means back to square one.  Beyond that, there’s the glaring issue of scale, mass, and compatibility of these proposals in such a tight area.

Thank you for your attention to this vital matter

Westley Byrne, M.D.
Beaufort, South Carolina

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