War of words: Dick Stewart comments on Tribune news article

Yesterday, March 21, Dick Stewart sent a one-sentence email message to a local Beaufort resident as his comment on The Beaufort Tribune‘s most recent news article (see below) about his proposed five downtown commercial structures including three massive ones. Mr. Stewart’s message states in its entirety:

“We look forward to sharing the facts with everyone so that reasonable people can develop informed opinions.”

Editor’s comment: Mr. Stewart also sent the above message to 112 cc recipients of his email. They included a number of residents in the Historic District including the editor/publisher of The Beaufort Tribune, but Mr. Stewart did not include the members of City Council nor of the Historic District Review Board. He also did not give any details of how he intends to share “the facts”. The Beaufort Tribune in cooperation with a group of concerned citizens including local architects has undertaken to ascertain “the facts” by studying and analyzing the public records and permits of City Council, the Historic District Review Board, and the Zoning Board of Appeals. Information will be forthcoming in the Tribune including Mr. Stewart’s information if he will share with the Tribune “so that reasonable people can develop informed opinions”.