Fact: Proposed 5 Port Republic Street buildings exceed all 34 existing Bay Street buildings in core commercial district

34 Existing Buildings on Bay Street
700 Block 71,295 sq ft
800 Block 77,888
900 Block 91,914
Total 241,097 sq ft

5 Proposed Buildings Along Port Republic Street
in 700 and 800 Blocks
A- Parking Garage 175,000 sq ft
B-Event Center 5,500
C-Small Hotel 11,000
D-72-Room Hotel 55,000
E-Apartments 29,400
Total 275,900 sq ft

The reason is that the huge proposed buildings along Port Republic Street are as high as four stories and as long as 300 feet in contrast to the existing one- and two-story dramatically smaller buildings on Bay Street, as well as in contrast to the existing buildings on the surrounding Port Republic, Charles, West, Scott, Carteret, and Craven Streets. In other words, the proposed buildings are grossly oversized and out of scale with all existing buildings in the historic downtown core commercial district.

Beaufort County GIS map
City of Beaufort