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Thursday, May 1, 2014 articles (index)
Wallace Scarborough speaks out: Open letter to Beaufort City Council

Wallace Scarborough speaks out

Open letter to Beaufort City Council

The following is an open letter that Beaufort resident Wallace Scarborough sent to the members of city council yesterday, April 30, following a physical and verbal attack on Mr. Scarborough at approximately 4:30 a.m., April 29, by a member of the city’s street maintenance crew. Click here to read the Tribune’s earlier report on the matter and click here to read the “alleged police report” referenced below.

Dear Beaufort City Council:

I was disturbed to see an email from Scott Dadson with an alleged police report attached. I was also concerned that this email was sent to all Council Members, the Mayor, as well as Mr. Martin, owner of Martin Sweeping Company.

After seeing this email, I tried to contact Chief Clancy of the Beaufort Police Department. I wanted to know why the police report contained in the email only reflected Mr. Williams‘ side of the story and did not include my side of the incident.

Chief Clancy requested Lt. Kadas, the Internal Affairs officer, to contact me. Lt. Kadas informed me that a police report had not been released. He also stated anyone who released excerpts of the report did so without any authority.

After reading the excerpt of the police report contained in the email, Lt. Kadas stated this was not the official report and that the officers were still in the process of writing the report. Based on hearing that a false police report was leaked, he informed me he would start an investigation to determine how this incorrect police report was leaked.

Councilmen, I believe that Mr. Dadson sent this email to slander me and slant the facts in this case. Remember that people are innocent until proven guilty. This also holds true for the man who assaulted me.

The man who hit me has his side of the story and I too have my side of the story. I have attached my statement along with this letter so you can hear the other side of the story.

I also want to state for the record that I never grabbed the city worker – not once. My God Father once told me “Wallace, no matter how thin you slice the bologna there are always two sides”.

I would ask you to heed my God Father’s words and look at both sides. I would ask that Mr. Dadson and anyone who worked with him on this matter be fired for their lack of good judgment and defamation of my character. A fabrication of a police report is a serious matter.

I received a phone call April 29, 2014 from Mr. Martin, the owner of Martin Sweeping Company. He apologized for the actions of his employee. I accepted Mr. Martin’s apology and thanked him for his call.

I told Mr. Martin that I was not upset with his Company even though I believe his employee acted out of line. I am mostly frustrated with the City of Beaufort and the City of Beaufort Public Works Department.

My wife and I called April 22, 2014 and April 23, 2014 and complained about the leaf blower operating between the hours of 3:00 and 4:00 am. The Public Works Department did not answer the phone, we left voice messages both times.

The Public Works Department failed to call us back. If the City of Beaufort followed their own noise ordinance or had the Public Works Department been responsive to their citizen’s needs, I feel none of this would have happened.

I was shocked that when I asked the police to issue a citation to the company for violation of the city ordinance, I was told they would not. The officers stated a ticket could not be issued unless they called their sergeant, even though they agreed that the man was breaking the law.

I find it appalling that police officers feel that they can’t act unless they call their sergeant.

I have raised serious issues here. I look forward to hearing your response.

Wallace Scarborough
Beaufort SC

The following is my account of the assault on my person the morning of April 29, 2014.

The week before we tried on several occasions to contact the City of Beaufort Public Works Department to complain about the noise from the leaf blowers during hours prior to 8:00 am.

On April 29, 2014 my wife and I around 4:00 am we were once again woken by the sound of a leaf blower outside our residence. My wife asked me to go outside and obtain the name of the person using the blower and the name of the company. We intended to again complain to the City of Beaufort Public Works Department.

I put on a robe over my nightclothes, slipped on my shoes and went out to get the information. I approached the man using the blower. He was walking in front of a street sweeper blowing debris into the path of the street sweeper, so that the sweeper could pick up the debris.

As you can imagine, it was very loud given the street sweeper and the backpack leaf blower. I walked in front of the man using the blower and asked him to please stop so I could speak to him. I told him that he was in violation of the city noise ordinance by using a leaf blower, at this time of night. I stated that I wanted his name and the name of the company he worked for as I was going to complain to the city.

He said, “F___ off white man” “ I don’t have to tell you s___”. I was quite shocked by his cussing and bad attitude. He turned and started using his blower again.

I then walked back in front of him. I again asked him to please stop and that I wanted his name and the name of the company. At that point, he raised his right arm toward me as though he was going to use the blower as a weapon against me.

I placed my hand on top of his arm, where the hose of the blower was to block him from using it against me. He then dropped the pack and said “I am going to f____ you up white man”.

I went to turn away and he hit me on the left side of my face using his right hand. I said there was no need to assault me and I am going to call the police and have you arrested.

My wife was walking down the street behind me. I then called to my wife to call 911 because I had just been hit in the face.

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