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Tuesday, April 29, 2014 articles (index)
City manager releases police report on Wallace Scarborough assault, Scarborough responds

City manager releases police report on Wallace Scarborough assault, Scarborough responds

Scott Dadson, Beaufort’s city manager, released the following police report late this morning, Tuesday, April 29:

On the morning of 04/29/2014 at 0438 officers responded to the area of 1207 Bay St. in regards to an assault. Mr. Scarborough fed up the noise from the street sweeping company Martin Sweep, approached the employee running the pack blower (Johnathan Williams) and grabbed his arm and the pack blower in an attempt to get his name and where he worked. Mr. Scarborough then grabbed at the employee a second time, when the employee slapped Mr. Scarborough in the face. Officer Davis deemed Williams actions were done in self-defense, as Mr. Scarborough approached Williams in the dark wearing nothing more than a robe, grabbing at him wanting personal information. Williams and Martin Sweep Company were in violation of the noise ordinance. They informed on the loud and unseemly noise ordinance and issued a warning ticket (0701622-AK). See case number 14-01038.

Dadson made the following comments in an email to Scarborough:

I have asked Isiah [Smalls, the city's maintenance supervisor] to address the noise issue with Martin Landscaping ( a sub contractor for the city on sweeping) about this and he has done so.

Scarborough made the following statements to The Beaufort Tribune:

This is a total lie. I never once grabbed the worker. As god is my witness.

My problem is that it is not correct. My problem is it makes me look like a nut.

Truthfully my real problem is with the city. Had they responded to our previous phone calls and asked the service to follow the law then none of this would have happened.

The city is not responsive to the needs of its citizens. That is the real problem. Their job is to protect its people and defend the law. They broke their own law of disturbing the peace.

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