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Tuesday, April 29, 2014 articles (index)
Mayor Billy K threatens to have editor of The Beaufort Tribune arrested

Mayor Billy Keyserling threatens to have editor of The Beaufort Tribune arrested

A confidential source has reported to The Beaufort Tribune this morning, Tuesday, April 29, that Beaufort’s Mayor Billy Keyserling threatened today to have the editor of the Tribune arrested!

“Arrested for what?”, the editor asked.

“Does Billy K think reporting in the Tribune that he went to China and won’t identify with whom he went or whom he visited rises to level of revealing a state secret?”

“Or is it because the editor reported that Billy K enthusiastically supported the waterfront-enhancing Sasaki Plan then conveniently forgot and supported the exact opposite, the waterfront-destroying RiverPlace plan?”

“Or is it because the editor had the temerity to ask how much the city has spent under Billy K’s regime on fees paid to Lawrence Group for that self-contradictory, so-called Civic Master Plan and similar waterfront destructive stuff?”

[Editor's comment: It's $1,964,728 paid to Lawrence Group, according to city attorney Bill Harvey, front man for city manager Scott Dadson.]

“Or is it because the editor reported that one of Billy K’s city-authorized nocturnal street sweepers mugged Wallace Scarborough in front of his Bay Street residence at 4:30 a.m. this morning?”

Watch out, Billy, you ain’t finished reading things in The Beaufort Tribune.

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