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Tuesday, April 29, 2014 articles (index)
City manager fails to provide full disclosure of Lawrence Group expenditures

City manager fails to provide full disclosure of Lawrence Group expenditures

In a tersely worded email message accompanied by an eight-line spreadsheet, Beaufort city manager Scott Dadson failed yesterday, April 28, to provide detailed information publicly requested last week by The Beaufort Tribune regarding the city’s expenditures with Lawrence Group and related parties, the people responsible for the city’s recently adopted Civic Master Plan.

Dadson made his response not directly but through the city attorney, William B. Harvey III. Here is Mr. Harvey’s email response in full:

April 28, 2014

Dear Mr. Trask:

As City Attorney, I am responding to your Request for Information below addressed to Scott Dadson.

Attached is a spreadsheet reflecting the payments to The Lawrence Group  from 2009 to the present.  I trust this satisfies your request.  Please contact me if you have further questions.   Thank you.

[Spreadsheet attachment:]

Fiscal Year     Total Disbrusements

FY 2014         142,352.06
FY 2013         544,215.65
FY 2012         617,453.43
FY 2011         482,227.09
FY 2010           27,985.61
FY 2009         150,494.88
Total            1,964,728.72

William B. Harvey, III
1001 Craven Street
Post Office Drawer 1107
Beaufort, South Carolina 29901
843-524-6973 fax

Here is the text of the public request for information made last week by The Beaufort Tribune, none of which requested detailed information was provided by Mr. Dadson via Mr. Harvey:

April 23, 2014

Mr. Scott Dadson, City Manager
City of Beaufort

Dear Mr. Dadson,

Following up on the unanswered inquiry made by former state representative Edith Rodgers at city council’s public work session last evening, I hereby request the following information for publication in The Beaufort Tribune:

How much money has the City of Beaufort and its Redevelopment Commission paid to Lawrence Group and all related parties during each of the years 2006 to the current date in 2014? In presenting this information please itemize by each payee, date and amount of payment.

Also, please furnish the audited financial statement of the Redevelopment Commission for each of its years of existence and its budget for the current year.

Thank you.

George Graham Trask
Editor/Publisher, The Beaufort Tribune

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