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Friday, January 17, 2014 articles (index)
Letter to the editor from chairman of Historic Beaufort Foundation

Seven Integrities for Historic Preservation and In-Fill Design Principles

Letter to the editor from chairman of Historic Beaufort Foundation

The Editor
The Beaufort Tribune
January 17, 2014

Historic Beaufort Foundation has urged City Council to amend the Civic Master Plan to include two pages describing the Seven Integrities for Historic Preservation and In-Fill Design Principles. The Seven Integrities are part of the Secretary of Interior’s criteria for maintaining the National Register designation. If these Integrities are violated, Beaufort could be threatened with the loss of its National Historic Landmark status.

A major challenge facing the historic district is appropriate new in-fill construction which the Integrities do not address. Therefore HBF provided Design Principles that would support the Seven Integrities while guiding appropriate new construction. Some members of Council, the Redevelopment Commission and its consultant, opposed including these pages in the Plan.

Why is it important to add these two pages to the 296-page Master Plan?

Why is there such strong opposition to including these two pages in the Plan?

The primary argument advanced by the opposition is that it is unnecessary to include the Integrities and Design Principles because they are generally covered in the Plan and that current rules and procedures provide the protection needed for the Historic District. HBF maintains they are not clearly articulated in the Plan and are only included by reference to other documents.

The Civic Master Plan is purported to be a 100-year plan. Once written, it will exist whether fully implemented or not. Current rules and procedures directed to preserving the National Historic Landmark status may not exist in the future because they can be changed by the current or a future City Council. Additionally, will these numerous other documents be easily accessible? That’s why it’s important that these Integrities and Principles be married to the Plan itself.

The parties protesting the inclusion of the two pages of Integrities and Principles in the 296-page Civic Master Plan “doth protest too much”. This is all the more reason to amend the Plan to include the two pages in their entirety in order to provide an evaluative framework that will travel with the Plan for 100 years.

A copy of the Seven Integrities for Historic Preservation and the In-fill Design Principles is attached.


Conway G. Ivy
Historic Beaufort Foundation


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