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Friday, May 2, 2014 articles (index)
City council announces special meeting for Tuesday

Downtown marina area memo of understanding on agenda

City council announces special meeting for Tuesday

There will be a special meeting of city council at 5:00 this coming Tuesday, May 6, at City Hall according to a notice emailed to the media at 4:00 p.m. today, May 2.

The meeting will start with an executive session to receive legal advice on the marina development memorandum of understanding with the redevelopment commission and The Furman Co. and “concerning contractual negotiations”, according to the notice.

Following the executive session council will meet in public to take action on the two matters discussed in executive session.

It is widely assumed that council will vote to rescind the memorandum of understanding.

This will mark a signal event in the history of Beaufort if city council , as anticipated, rescinds the memorandum of understanding in response to the expressed will of the people that the marina parking lot area remain as public open space, not be leased or sold as a private core-commercial development area.

Recission of the memorandum of understanding is the first of several legal steps that must be accomplished before the area will be safe from the threat of commercial development. The next step must be for city council to amend its Civic Master Plan to delete commercial development in the area from the plan and substitute language and graphics showing the area as planned for public open space uses.


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