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Letter to editor:
“Work together on sensible approaches toward growth and preservation”



Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling’s Chinese Project: Visions of the future

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The simple commercial real estate future of Beaufort’s downtown waterfront?
Photo source: The Furman Company website home page, downtown Greenville SC

The way it is now

The way it is now on the waterfront in beautiful downtown Beaufort SC

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Hillary Rodham Clinton’s brother involved

Beaufort’s downtown waterfront Chinese investor program mired in U.S. controversy and scandal



Letter to editor

“Don’t turn Beaufort into a pickle!”


Mayor Billy Keyserling heads to China, refutes acccusation he is “in someone’s pocket”


Civic Green, A New Vision, shows the way to improve Beaufort’s downtown waterfront parking lot


Phoenix, Arizona, shows how city parkland gets “stolen”

Residents of the city of Phoenix, Arizona, woke up recently to discover that their city fathers had transferred a city park for development purposes. Sounds eerily like what’s happening in beautiful Beaufort by the sea. Click here for the news article.


Is Chinese money driving downtown Beaufort’s “redevelopment” plan?

Can Jim Chaffin please translate this for us?

Can Jim Chaffin please translate this for us?



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